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supplemental; sticky post

"Normally, my duty would be to my Captain and to my Division...
But here, it is to myself and my Pokemon
- Ise Nanao, Lieutenant of the Eighth Division
of the Thirteen Heavenly Imperial Court Guards



{Merry Christmas, members of Nanao's failmily! Hope you're ready for your presents, because some of them are lying at the foot of your beds, neatly wrapped. How did they get there? Nobody knows how they got there (hint: psychics), but that's where they are when you wake up. Oh, and what is that delicious smell coming from the downstairs kitchen? It's the beginning of a massive feast of food - and oh my god, where on earth did she hide all of this there is so much food. Everything's decked out in bunting and decorations and there's even a tree, all decorated in silver and gold. Coincidentally, this is also where the rest of the presents are, all labelled and wrapped. There's even some sneakily hidden mistletoe put up by meddling Pokemon.}

{Nanao herself is at the stove, apron on over a new dress, stirring a pot of... wine? Yep, that'd be mulled wine.}

Merry Christmas - please, grab a plate and help yourself!

{ooc: Go crazy - feel free to threadjack the hell out everything. I'll be putting up a couple of headers, but just go for it! Other people in Goldenrod are welcome to drop by, too!}
{When the feed clicks on, there's a Happiny peering into the camera, and she picks it up, squeaking something.}

Hmm? What have you got there, Yamato?

{Happiny-cam moves, and what looks to be a room stuffed to the brim with items appears. There's a guitar case leaning against a rainbow stack of folded woollen items, bookshelves, and a wide shelf with dozens upon dozens of eggs upon it. Nanao herself is standing at a massive table, tailor's chalk and scissors in hand.}

Oh, you've got the 'Gear. Well, maybe you should put that down, dear. I'm a bit busy, and those eggs need checking up on.

{Yamato squeaks in delight, and drops the 'Gear, speeding over to the egg shelf as fast as her stubby little legs can carry her. Nanao walks over and picks it up, chuckling under her breath.}

Well, at least she's enthusiastic. {The feed ends there.}

{OOC: The offer for Christmas eggs is still open, if anyone is interested! Apart from that, have a lovely Christmas!
Where on earth have I ended up this time? {Have one rather annoyed Shinigami staring at her surroudings of rock and snow in bewilderment.} I had completely forgotten about this... glitch, for want of a better word.

Where in God's good name am I?

{She freezes, and slowly turns to look behind herself. There's a small girl with black hair, and oversized glasses, and a woman dressed in Victorian clothes, who looks to be close to Nanao's height. Actually, she's exactly Nanao's height.}

No... This can't be - how is this happening?!

E-excuse me, Miss Vicecaptain, but where are we?
And who are you, anyway?

{She blanches, and stumbles back a few steps. When she speaks, her voice is weak, and trembling.} Y-you're in Johto. And... you're both me.

{OOC: Yes I am indeed aware that this post is the latest of the late, but the idea wouldn't leave me. In case you were wondering, the girl and the woman are Nanao as a child Shinigami and her human self, respectively.}

OOC - christmas gift plotting

Everyone - Thick and warm woollen hiking socks that come up to just halfway up the calf. Somehow, they magically fit.

all of the names belowCollapse )
This is very much a work in progress! @-@
{Hello, Johto! Today you have a rather philosophical Nanao popping up on your 'Gears.}

I have a question for you, fellow inhabitants of Johto. What does Christmas mean to you?

{Since it's a lovely sunny Sunday, Nanao is out and about and indulging in what looks to be retail therapy at most of the stores in Goldenrod. Interact Y/N?}
{When the feed clicks on, there's a Togepi peering curiously at the screen. She trills, and picks it up awkwardly, giving the network a lovely view of Nanao's bare feet and ankles, which grow steadily larger as the little egg Pokemon toddles unsteadily towards her.} 

Love, Kanra - I wonder what that's all about... Oh, hello there. {And suddenly we're flying through the aiiiir~ but not really, as Nanao gently sets the Togepi next to her on the piano stool. The 'Gear gets unceremoniously dropped, and the view changes to one through the open back door, where a Houndour is making a concerted effort to try to attack a laughing Alakazam, who is simply avoiding every single attack with ease.}

Yes, yes, I missed you too, Miki. {The Togepi squeaks happily, and Nanao laughs a little - and outside the noises of battling cease for a moment, as the Houndour starts to glow.} Huh?

{The Houndour grows bigger and bigger... and bigger still, until it finally stops, and the Pokedex goes 'ding', announcing the fact that 'your Shuuhei has evolved into a Houndoom'. But Nanao ignores that, and accidentally leans against some of the keys of the piano as she turns around properly to see out the door.}

. . . My dog has turned into a horse. I can't believe it. {Her Houndoom looks to be just as surprised, as he looks himself over in a state of shock, before something seems to click inside his brain, and he turns to face the Alakazam, who is simply standing there.}

{And then the giant canine leaps for the fox-like psychic, and Kiyone can't move fast enough to get away. There's a few moments of slack-jawed silence from Nanao, before she mutters something along the lines of "I can't believe I'm going to do this." and a familiar sounding piano tune starts up.}

{This is a wacky chase scene accompanied by the Benny Hill theme on the piano, Johto. You're welcome.}

//action - Solas Fide Bungalow

cut for proseCollapse )

//text - locked to half of Johto France, Ken Hidaka, Souji, Yosuke, Rise, Atsuro, Envy, Tulio, Marona, Hitsugaya, Matsumoto, Byakuya, Otacon, Miguel, Shelly de Killer, Crow, Kaito, Gaga, Professor Layton, England, Cruz, and Cooper

So. It seems I can walk again. {Yep. Short, sweet, and to the point.}

{When the feed clicks on, a few final-sounding notes of piano music rise up into the air, and we have a lovely view of... the carpet?!}

It is a beautiful piano, but...

-You cannot afford it, right?- {Nanao laughs mournfully, and the picture moves from staring at the carpet to one that shows Goldenrod's small but well-stocked music store. The salesman is leaning on a beautiful grand piano, on whose keys Nanao's gloved fingers still rest.}

You have that right. Apart from the price, I'm pretty sure that it would take up most of the space in the room I intend to put it in. {Reverently, she runs her fingers over the top of it, and sighs.} I don't suppose you have an upright, do you?

-You're in luck. We've just received one from Kanto, actually. Would you like to try it out?- {She nods, and he gestures over, the camera following the movement to reveal... a humble-looking polished wood upright piano. Nanao's voice sounds from out of frame.}

May I? {The salesman must have nodded, because she makes a delighted noise, and wheels over, carefully negotiating her way through the close-stacked piles of sheet music and recorders. She lifts the lid, and looks over her shoulder one last time, before she sets her fingers to the keys and begins to play. Tentative at first, she exhales and starts to lose herself in the music. There's no known notes to guide her, no carefully annotated sheet music, just herself and the piano and her memories.}

{The sheer sound cascades from her fingers out into the store, filling it with melody and joy and melancholy all at once, and it seems to be over all too soon, and she's left leaning over the keys, the last remnants of the sound fading slowly into the air, and she smiles.}

I'll take it.

//text, private to Hitsugaya Toushirou

I know Hyourinmaru vanished when Hinamori-san vanished, but Shiryuu needs a better trainer than I - and she's much calmer than Golduck-san.

{ooc: Feel free to bump into Nanao if you're in and around Goldenrod! You might even see her trundling through the streets of Goldenrod with a piano hovering behind her. There's an Alakazam sitting on top of the piano, which may or may not explain things.}
 //action a - streets of Goldenrod
{If you're out and about in the lovely sunshine-filled streets of Goldenrod today (and why wouldn't you be?), you'll probably hear before you see an argument between one wheelchair-bound Ise Nanao, and her Alakazam.}
No, Kiyone, the fabric shop is that way, and the paper shop is that way. 
Ala! Kazam ka alakazam!
I think I trust Kanji-san's directions - he's been there before, and you haven't!
Al. A. Ka. Zam.
No, you're wrong! H-hey, put me down! I'll have Shuuhei bite your ankles again!
{Kiyone's apparently given up on using words to win this fight, and has simply started levitating her and her wheelchair, and is marching off in a random direction just to spite her. You can a) laugh, b) stare, c) jam it in (why would you though) or d) try to help.}

//action b - Goldenrod Pokemon Centre
{Doop doop, doing the check-up thing, and checking the PC and- Wait. What was that.}
No. No way. I don't-


//video, action for housemates.
{When the feed clicks on, Nanao, while still seated in her wheelchair, looks a lot less happy than she should be. A rather confused Mareep is curled at her feet.}

It seems that Edward Elric and Hawkeye have gone home, since I have recieved their Pokemon. {She breathes out slowly.} However, this leaves me with a real problem. I have a few too many Pokemon, and after talking it over with them, I am prepared to give away some of them. 

Hitsugaya-san, I have already sent you your Golduck, but if anyone else would like to discuss with me the Pokemon you would like, please reply to this video. {She nods, and the video cuts out.}

{OOC: Right! The Pokemon that are up for offer are: a level 49 Venusaur, a level 15 Lapras, and a level 17 Ralts (that wants to evolve into a Gardevoir, not a Gallade.). Casanova the Ditto will be handed over to Souji's Breeding Extravaganza if no one wants it. Also, the call for housemates is still open! Nanao's house is a charming bungalow with clear views out to the sea on the southern outskirts of Goldenrod. Rent is P200 a month, and they're pretty much allowed to stay for as long as they want provided they help with the household things every now and again.}


★ ♔ all's well that ends well
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